Preventive Beauty

Clean up your tech.  Brighten and clear up your skin. 

Blocks blue light

Studies show that blue HEV light can cause long-term skin damage, chronic eye strain, retina damage, and headaches.

Protects Eyes

We love our phones but they aren’t always our friend. In fact, they age our skin, strain our eyes, mess with our thyroids, and disturb our beauty sleep. 

Protect ur rythms

Prolonged exposure to blue light can mess with our sleep by suppressing the secretion of melatonin, and even affect metabolism—here comes the wrinkles, dullness, hyperpigmentation, weight gain, and daytime fatigue. Yikes! 

IRL Filter

Our IRL Filter minimizes the damage caused by blue light pollution. Keep your skin healthy while you scroll, text and snap!

Protection for your skin and device

Our IRL filter shields your face from the majority of blue HEV* light, limits exposure to radiation while reducing eye strain from screen time, and protects your natural sleep rhythm. Made from high quality, anti-glare 4 layer Japanese tempered glass, it’s crystal-clear, smudge-proof, and scratch resistant.

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Clean tech = clear skin

We don’t like spreading dirt, so we’ve added bonus antimicrobial silver ions to keep your screen free of germs and prevent bacterial breakouts—Save ur pretty face!

Not just a pretty face

The one thing you can do to prevent damage from blue light so you don't need to treat it later.

– Hayley Roy (@therapeuticskincoach)

An instagram filter for real life.

– Jessica Marren Co-Founder at Paradam Marketing

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